Joseba Eskubi - Mauri (2010)


11th Annual MFA Scholarship Fund Benefit

St. Mary’s Benefit at Dolby Chadwick Gallery!

In addition to housing an eclectic range of masterpieces in a magnificent building designed to resemble a 15th-century Venetian palace (which was recently expanded to include a Renzo Piano addition), The Isabella Stewart Gardner of Boston has also captured the world’s intrigue for other, more sinister reasons, too. The puzzling heist of 1990 left the museum, the city of Boston, and the world reeling from the loss of thirteen works by Manet, Vermeer, Rembrant, and Degas, among other artifacts, estimated to be worth approximately $500 million.

But is the twenty-three year old WHO DUNNIT finally drawing to a close? Maybe, says The New York Times.

We will certainly standing by, following this amazing story with bated breath!

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